Individual Counselling in Ottawa

Dr. Jan Heney sees individuals experiencing a variety of issues. Sometimes we grow up in families that, for one reason or another, are not equipped to teach us how to cope with certain feelings or experiences.  This can have a profound impact on how well we navigate the world as adults.  For example, some people may avoid situations or feelings that make them feel uncomfortable or insecure.  In therapy this can be addressed by teaching people coping skills that will ultimately help them live richer, more fulfilling lives.

Other people enter counselling because their genetic backgrounds or early life experiences have made them vulnerable to anxiety and/or depression.  Therapy can help these individuals learn strategies for dealing with and overcoming these issues.

The world is not always a kind place and some people enter therapy to deal with the aftermath of abuse and/or tragedies they have endured.  Therapy can help these people heal from their wounds so they can reclaim a future less tainted by the past.

Other individuals enter therapy because they are committed to personal growth and being the best, happiest person they can be.  Therapy can help these individuals transcend the mundane and find joy and contentment in life.

Regardless of the reasons for entering therapy, Dr. Heney’s approach emphasizes personal growth and empowerment in a confidential environment.  She works collaboratively with clients to establish an effective therapeutic program that helps them improve their sense of well-being and reach their life goals.